IDMED Worldwide

IDMED, a French company based in Marseille. We develop and market innovative medical devices in the fields of anesthesia and intensive care. Our products have been used worldwide in operating rooms, intensive care units for more than 10 years.

Our products are commonly used in the areas of pupillometry, neuromuscular blockade monitoring and analgesia monitoring.

We currently have two products available in the United States:

The NeuroLight® which provides accurate and reliable pupil size and reactivity measurement of patient’s to fine tune the neurological diagnostic in Intensive care units.

The ToFscan® which is a Neuromuscular Blockade Monitor using three-dimensional sensors. No calibration required before use.

IDMED develops products in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Innovation, reliability and relevance are the core qualities of our devices. We put our technical knowledge to the service of an improved everyday clinical practice.