>> Our solution to prevent residual paralysis <<

Enjoy the unique clinical benefits of the ToFscan, an easy-to-use 3D-AMG TOF monitor

No calibration is required.

Reusable sensors are available and no proprietary consumables are required.

Continuous and safe monitoring with the « auto pilot » ATP mode.

Reinforced immunity against electrosurgical unit interference.

3D-AMG foot sensor is available when hands are tucked at patient’s sides.

Reusable or single-use 3D-AMG sensors are available for different stimulation sites.

  >> The TOF monitor for every patient <<

The widest range of dedicated sensors

ToFscan has a range of sensors that answers all the different medical practices in terms of neuromuscular monitoring and recovery.

All ToFscan sensors use three-dimensional accelerometry technology. The 3D-AMG technology ensures reliable and accurate measurements and eliminates the need for any calibration process.

  >> The most cost-effective TOF monitoring technology available  <<

TOFSCAN (3D-AMG) total cost of care is 8 times lower than EMG monitoring

is the annual cost
of implementing
3D-AMG monitoring*

>> 3D-AMG is the least expensive method

is the annual cost
of implementing
EMG monitoring*

>> EMG costs x8

is the annual cost
of post operative

>> Complications cost x346

Universal quantitative TOF monitoring would result in a
NET COST SAVING in regards to the reduction of post-operative pulmonary complications.

*Depreciated over 5-year usable life span. Include sensors, electrodes, and 30 monitors. The same calculation method has been used for EMG and 3D-AMG.

**Lori-Ann Edwards, et al. Perioperative Care and Operating Room Management, ISSN: 2405-6030, Vol: 24, Page: 100184. 2021

  >> Excellent in the ICU <<

The ToFscan NMT Monitor fits perfectly in the ICU

Individualised monitoring of your patients

• Optimisation of NMBDs dosage
• Diagnosis of prolonged neuromuscular blockade
• Monitoring of spontaneous recovery

For a smooth practice in intensive care

• For safe endotracheal intubation
• Ensure ventilator-patient synchrony
• To maintain the desired level of block

Integrates into the ICU workflow

• No calibration required
• Rechargeable battery
• Electronic data transfer
• Quick decontamination

Technical data


  • TOF (Train Of Four)
  • Automatic TOF
  • ATP (Automatic TOF-PTC)
  • PTC
  • DBS (3.3, 3.2)
  • Single Twitch (0,1 ; 1 Hz)
  • Tetanus 50 Hz



  • TOF mode : T4/T1
  • TOF mode : T4/Tref
  • TOF mode : count
  • PTC mode : count
  • DBS mode : count


  • Three-dimensional accelerometer sensor
  • Adjustable stimulation current (20-60 mA)
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Battery and mains operated
  • Audio message (can be switched off)
  • Fixing clamp for bracket
  • No calibration required


  • EN 60601-1 (Medical Electrical Equipment)
  • EN 60601-1-2 (EMC)
  • 2A CE Class (CE 0459)
  • FDA Approved 510k
  • MDSAP Compliant